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Options for jurists

  • Did you study law in your home country and, ideally, gained professional experience in the field of law?
  • Did your university degree not, or only partially, get acknowledged in Germany?
  • Would you like to acquire a professional qualification as legal assistant in Germany?
  • Is your language level at least B1?

Training for jurists in preparation for the examination to become a legal assistant

Should you be interested in working for a solicitor’s office, statutory health insurances, pension insurances, debt collection agencies, or enterprises with integrated debt collection, we can offer you a training to become an examined legal assistant. This includes:

  • an approx. two-year-long training in preparation for the examination as legal assistant in Germany, which is held by the bar association of Saxony-Anhalt.
  • language course that runs over the entire training period with the aim of achieving the C-level
  • support and help when you search for an internship company
  • individual support and communication with the authorities in matters related to the job training, e.g. Job Centre, Foreigners Registration Office.

The offers are free of charge.

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