Options for healthcare and nursing professions

  • Did you learn a healthcare or nursing profession outside Germany (such as a nursing profession, physiotherapist, obstetrician, medical assistant, occupational therapist, etc.)?
  • Would you like to work in your profession in Saxony-Anhalt? Do you wish to apply for the right to use your job title?
  • Perhaps you have already sent your documents to the State’s Examination Office for Healthcare Professions, and now you need help with the ongoing procedures?

Help and advice for the acknowledgement of your degrees

  • Should you wish to work in a healthcare or nursing profession in Germany, you will definitely need a permit to use your job title. We support your way by means of consultation and further education.

Support and help with the new job

Last but not least, the IQ Netzwerk helps you to get accepted for a workplace in your working field.

The offers are free of charge.

Contacts "Caritasverband für das Bistum Magdeburg"