Options for academic specialists in civil engineering and planning

  • Did you work as civil engineer, architect, or in other construction-related branches like electrical engineering, urban planning, surveyor engineering?
  • Did you finish your study outside Germany?
  • Do you have a residence permit which includes a work permit?
  • Would you like to work as an engineer in Saxony-Anhalt?
  • Perhaps you have already applied for the permission to use the job title ‘engineer’ at the Saxony-Anhalt Chamber of Engineers?

Bridge training as an entry path into the job: Introduction into the system of civil engineering and planning in Germany

If you want to prepare yourself for a job in an architecture or planning agency, a construction company, or for the city or community, we can offer you a specified training:

  • Full-time intensive course over 4 weeks
  • Teaching technical language for civil engineering and planning
  • Support and help when you search for a job and/or an internship

The offers are free of charge.

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