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Network "Integration through Qualification (IQ)" Saxony-Anhalt

Germany is home to around 16.5 million people with a migration background, representing 20 percent of the population.

Due to a number of factors, unemployment is about twice as high among people who have a migration background compared to those who do not. In recent years, immigration to Germany has risen significantly, particularly from other EU countries. Many of these migrants hold professional degrees or other valuable credentials that are frequently not recognised in Germany. At the same time, skills shortages are becoming ever more evident. Against this background, it is essential to tap all available potential and especially that of migrants. Since 2005, the Network "Integration through Qualification (IQ)" has been working to improve employment opportunities for people with a migration background. In the 2015-2018 phase, the network has an additional focus on compensatory measures in the context of the Recognition Act. An objective of central importance is that occupational qualifications acquired outside Germany lead to employment appropriate to one’s level of education.

The perception of migrants is frequently a stereotypical image of shortcomings. Bringing the potential of migrants into sharper focus and eliminating discrimination is important not only for a diverse society, but also for improving the labour market integration of migrants. Therefore, building and strengthening intercultural skills among labour market stakeholders remains one of the central concerns of the Network IQ.

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Das Förderprogramm “Integration durch Qualifizierung (IQ)” wird durch das Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.
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